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Undergraduate Summer Program 2016
Xia, Ugoma, & Ashok

Latest News

  1. Our collaborative study of pulmonary arterial hypertension with Dr. Jason Hong and Dr. Mansoureh Eghbali  was accepted by AJRCMB! Congratulations to the teams!
  2. Congratulations to Jessica Ding for receving the 2022 IBP Hyde Fellowship! So proud of all your achievements!
  3. Our collaborative work with Dr. Tian Xia’s group on how environmental nanoparticles affect gene programs in liver cell types using 3D liver organoids and scRNAseq was accepted by Nano Today! Congratulations to the team and thank Dr. Graciel Diamante, Dr. In Sook Ahn, Darren Wijaya, Kavya Immadisetty for their contribution to the scRNAseq work!
  4. Congratulations to Dr. Doug Arneson and Dr. Guanglin Zhang and the team for the publishing “Systems spatiotemporal dynamics of traumatic brain injury at single cell resolution reveals humanin as a therapeutic target” in Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences!
  5. Congratulations to Russel Littman for receiving the 2022 Dissertation Year Fellowship!
  6. Congratulations to Dr. Yanning ZuoDr. Monty Blencowe and Dr. Yen-wei Chen for receiving their Doctoral degrees in 2022!
  7. Congratulations to Jenny Cheng and Ingrid Cely for receiving their Master’s degrees in 2022!
  8. Congratulations to Caden McQuillen, Justin Yoon, Neil Hsu and Caroline  Huynh for receiving their B.S degrees in 2022!
  9. Congratulations to Monty Blencowe, Zoe Zhao, Caden McQuillen and the team for the publication of “Relative contributions of sex hormones, sex chromosomes, and gonads to sex differences in tissue gene regulation” in Genome Research!
  10. Congratulations to Yenwei Chen, Dr. Graciel Diamante, Jessica Ding and the team for the publication of pharmomics in iScience!
  11. Congratulations to Jessica Ding for receiving the NIAMS UCLA T32 Dermatology Scientist Training Fellowship Program
  12. Congratulations to Gaoyan Li for receiving the Iris Cantor-UCLA Women’s Health Center-CTSI Young Investigator Award!

Integrative Multiomics and Systems Biology of Common Human Diseases

Research in our lab employs integrative multiomics and systems biology approaches to understand the molecular networks underlying common cardiometabolic disorders such as coronary artery disease, diabetes, obesity, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, brain disorders such as traumatic brain injury and Alzheimer’s disease, and the connections between cardiometabolic disorders and brain disorders.

Our research is built upon the hypothesis that the complex interactions between genetic (i.e., DNA variants) and environmental risk factors (e.g., diets, environmental pollutants) perturb specific gene networks which in turn induce variations in disease susceptibility and therapeutic response.

By developling and applying integrative multiomics and systems biology approaches that leverage genetic, transcriptomics, epigenomic, metabolomic, microbiome, and phenotypic data from human and rodent populations, we aim to identify causal molecular networks and key regulators that contribute to the development of human complex diseases and further utilize the disease networks to guide therapeutics. Details of our research are here.

Our lab has developed Mergeomics and Pharmomics tools for muti-omics data integration and drug repurposing, respectively. Details of these tools are here.

Our research is generously supported by JDRF and NIH NIDDK, NINDS, NIMH, NICHD, and NHLBI.

A disease network and key regulators. Figure credit: Jenny Cheng

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