Prof. A. Jake Lusis: role of  mTOR signaling in diet-induced metabolic syndrome; integrative analysis of the Mouse Hybrid Diversity Panel (HMDP); mining and validation of CVD genes

Prof. Grace Xiao: dietary influence on gene expression, alternative splicing, and RNA editing

Prof. Matteo Pellegrini: dietary influence on DNA methylome

Prof. Fernando Gomez-Pinilla: dietary influence on metabolic syndrome and brain dysfunctions

Prof. Patrick Allard: influence of bisphenol A (BPA)  and bisphenol S (BPS) on development

Prof. Yibin Wang: validation of pathways relevant to heart disease and diabetes

Outside UCLA

Framingham Heart Study (FHS) and Dr. Daniel Levy: systems biology of CVD and hypertension

The CADGenomics consortium and PIs Jake Lusis, Heribert Schunkert, Nilesh Samani, Jeanette Erdmann, Eric Schadt, Eric Topol, and Johan Bjorkegren: understanding CVD genetic loci and genes via integrative genomics

The GENESIS consortium and PIs Thomas Quertermous and Joshua Knowles, Stanford University : genetic networks of insulin sensitivity

The WHI consortium and PI Prof. Simin Liu (Brown University): genetics and gene-diet interactions in CVD and T2D in multi-ethnic American populations

Prof. Bin Zhang (MSSM): network methodologies and applications in diseases

Prof. Ville-Petteri Makinen (EMBL Australia; SAHMRI; University of Adelaide, Australia): methods on multidimensional omics data integration

Prof. Mike Inouye (U Melbourne, Australia): methods on multidimensional omics data integration

Prof. Bruce Blumberg (UC Irvine): trans-generational effects of obesogens on metabolism

Prof. Gerard Pasterkamp (University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands): systems biology of atherosclerotic plaques

Dr. Deepak Rajpal (GSK): gene networks of complex diseases

Prof. Rick Friedman (USC): gene networks of vestibular function